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Ballympics Camp Training

COOSkidz is having our annual June evangelistic children camp. We are looking for people who has the heart to reach out to children and invest in the next generation. Camp training is on 28, 30 April and 1 May (look at flyer for details) and camp will be on 4-7 June at Christ Church Secondary School.

Date:     28, 30 April & 1 May 2018
Time:    28 April & 1 May (8.30pm to 5.30pm) and 30 April (7pm to 9.30pm)
Venue:  River Community Church
Cost:     $68

For registration, please get a flyer from the Admin Desk or COOSkidz admin. Please email enquiries to May Goh @

Golden Ministry

The Golden Ministry reaches out to non-believers and also bring comfort and encouragement to those who are sick, elderly or home-bound. Our visits include hospitals, nursing homes and residential homes. 

We meet every Wednesday from 10am to 12.30pm. Visitations from 1.30pm.

Enquiries, please email

Cross Training 2018

Starting from 8 May – 8 July 2018 (2 Months only!)

The course will enable you to: 

1) Deepen your relationship with God

2) Know His Word 

3) Develop ministry skills 

Fees : $200 per attendee. Lectures will be mainly in the mornings, with a few in the evenings.

Email to or call church office for enquiries.

Mission Trips 2018

Mission trips are a great way to begin learning about what God is doing in the nations! Pick up a copy of the 2018 schedule from our Take One Rack or Admin Desk, and email if you have any enquiries.

Major Events in 2018

Bookmark these dates in your calendar!

Good Friday Reflection Services:
30 March 2018

Easter Healing Services: 
31 March & 1 April 2018

Light Up The Cross (Special Prayer & Praise Meeting):  
27 April 2018

Pentecost Special Weekend Services:
19 & 20 May 2018 : Praying for all leaders 
20 May 2018, 10.30am : Consecration Service 

Day of Fasting & Prayer: 
7 October 2018

Christmas Services: 
21 – 23 December 2018

Alpha Season: 
May – October 2018

Prayer & Praise Meetings:  
18 May, 27 July, 28 September, 30 November 2018