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COOS Ground Breaking Ceremony

A Glorious Day – Baptism for Persons with Special Needs

The Family Inclusion Network (FIN) celebrates its 4th Anniversary this weekend – 5 & 6 September 2015. 

22nd March 2015 marks a significant milestone in the history of the Family Inclusion Network (FIN).

Families, volunteers and the congregation at COOS witnessed the water baptism of 8 children with different special needs; Sean (16), Adriel (14), Joseph (10), Jonathan (7), Seth (12), Joel (13), Emmanuel (10), Maximus (7) and his mum, Hazel on this appointed morning.

The affirmation of their vows and declarations of faith to turn to Christ, trusting in Him drew a loud applause from the congregation. It is indeed a great day to rejoice in the Lord for what He orchestrated in the lives of these precious souls as they chose to go through water baptism.

God’s word is established: “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation: the old has gone; the new has come” (2 Corinthians 5:17)

What does it take for the children with special needs to get to this point?

  •  Our response to the gentle nudge of Holy Spirit …

“Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you; and, behold, I am with you always even unto the end of the age. Amen.” Matthew 28:19-20.

  • In obedience and humility (as we have no model and prior experience), we took the step of faith. God brought the children and ordered the rest … as He desired. We were His hands to facilitate the spiritual development of the children, including those with special needs/disabilities and to fulfil His call for baptism.
  • The collaboration and commitment between parents and a dedicated team of volunteers made this fairly challenging process possible.
  • God granted wisdom, knowledge and creativity to the trainers to design appropriate lessons through multi-sensory teaching techniques to reinforce concepts and aid understanding. Parents applied their learning to reinforce with their children throughout the course duration.
  • 3 months of prayers, supported by FIN prayer partners for the children and their families for this faith project.
  • The gracious leadership, baptism pastors and staff of COOS made special provisions and supported the process towards water baptism.

“It takes a village to raise a child.  This African proverb aptly describes the collaborative approach that we have taken throughout our 1st baptism course. Success is attributed to, and experience by all. To God be all the Glory!

FIN Baptism Course For Persons with Special Needs & Their Families (FBCF) 

5 foundational lessons to prepare candidates for water baptism. Multisensory (auditory, visual & kinesthetic) teaching technique is used to facilitate persons with special needs to grasp the significance of baptism. Documentation may be represented in visual or written form to aid the learning styles of parents and children.

Here’s a photo representation of FIN’s 1st Baptism Course

How can we be saved? Scripture John 3:16


The blood of Jesus cleanses us from all our sins (painting activity)
 1 Bap-91 Bap-8
Growing and Knowing Father God ~ John 15:15
1 Bap-4 Course1 Bap-2 Course
Holy Communion ~ Matt 26:26-28 & The Lord’s Prayer ~ Matt 6:9-13Holy Comm
10.30am Sunday : 22 March 2015 ~ The Baptism Day! Water baptism for 8 boys and a mom @ COOS
Baptisers: Rev Darren Choo and Ps Susie Seow






 The COOS Welcome
We welcome you into the Lord’s family. We are members together of the Body of Christ. We are children of the same Heavenly Father!


Just as a body, though ONE, has many parts, but all its many parts form ONE body, so it is with Christ. 1 Corinthians 12:12

To make enquiries on Baptism for the Special Needs or The Family Inclusion Network (FIN), please email or call the church office.

Give Thanks

This Jubilee, I want to give thanks for God’s favor and blessing of a new job.

I was approached by a recruiter for an opportunity to work in another company. I was initially uninterested, but figured that it wouldn’t do any harm to just take a look. The interview went unexpectedly well and I became torn to decide. I prayed for God to direct me clearly where He wanted me to go. However, there was no reply from God – whether in soft promptings, or from my quiet time, or reading the Word of God. There was simply silence, which made it a lot more confusing. I was in a dilemma, as the opportunity would pass if I do not reply; yet I do not want to give an answer unless I knew God wanted me to go.

I began praying daily for God to speak to me. I received by faith my first sign from God during a prayer meeting, where my pastor was sharing the theme of this year’s church camp, which was “Start Fresh”. I kept this in my heart and wanted God to confirm His direction. During quiet time with God, I felt prompted to read Proverbs 8:10, 18 – ‘Take my instruction instead of silver, and knowledge rather than choice gold, Riches and honor are with me enduring wealth and righteousness.’ This convinced me that my decision to move should be motivated with learning more, and not about getting a pay raise. Later on as I attended the HR interview, the interviewer mentioned that this company encourages further studies and development and would sponsor any course without bond. I took this as another sign from God but yet my heart was still doubtful, so I asked for God’s forgiveness. My dad advised me that when I seek God, I must be maintain neutral in my heart so I can hear from God and fully trust in His guiding.

I also asked God for an opportunity to make peace with some colleagues of mine whom I had some misunderstandings with. When I met up with the recruiter who asked about my expected salary, I was told that my asking salary was too high, as the increment was 17%, instead of the usual 10-15% increment. The recruiter advised a 20% negotiable increment. A few days later, the recruiter called and told me that the company counter offered me an increment of 27%! That is 7% above what I asked for! So I happily agreed and on the day of signing the contract, I prayed for peace. As I opened up my bible, I was greeted with Isaiah 26 – ‘You keep Him in Perfect Peace’. That was it! I decided that asking for any more signs would really be insulting God, and I went ahead to sign the contract.

Testimony submitted by David Watt on 16 July 2015

There is so much to thank God for. Submit your own testimony here or read more thanksgiving testimonies and be encouraged!

‘Unbelievable’ Arts Night

Happening on Friday, 24 July starting at 7.30pm in COOS Auditorium. Featuring songs, dance, photo and art presentations, this will be a real treat to all. Invite your family and friends to join us for an enjoyable evening.

Admission by ticket only. Please enquire at the admin counter about tickets.

For those with tickets, doors open at 7pm. Please be seated by 7.45pm, after which your seats will be released to those without tickets. Thank you for your kind co-operation.

Study the Bible

COOS Biblical Studies Programme is a 12-unit systematic study of all 66 biblical books to provide you with a solid foundation of their mega themes, theology and doctrine for life application. If you desire to know the Bible in a deeper and more systematic way, this programme is for you. For every successfully completed a module with 80% attendance marked, you are awarded an official Certificate of Attendance. Sessions will adopt adult active-learning practices, small group discussion, questions and guided learning. Some basic knowledge of Old and New Testament Survey or Biblical Foundation is recommended to appreciate this Intermediate level study. Are you ready for a wonderful, life-changing experience in the study of God’s Word? If so, register now.

Registration can be done at the admin counter. Non-COOS members & walk-ins are welcome. For enquiries, please email You may download a Registration Form here, fill it up and submit at COOS admin counter over the weekend services.

2016 BSP Semester Two, Term One
Life of Christ
7 July to 8 September 2016
Time: 7.30pm to 9pm
Room #04-07A One Commonwealth

For enquiries, please email