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Pre-Marriage Course Cycle 3

The PMC helps to prepare couples and assess their readiness for marriage. If you are planning to get married, do attend the course 15 months prior to your intended wedding date. Couples will be assigned a marriage mentor couple from the Family Life Ministry to walk with them through their first year of marriage. Register at the Admin Desk by 24 June 2018 at $130 per couple.
Cycle 3: Sep – Dec 2018 / Day & Time: Sunday PM for 7 sessions / Venue: Dawson. For more details, please also see us at the Admin Desk or email

Meet Our Cluster Pastors

 The Cluster Pastors from all three zones


  • Anna Leong

    • Valerie Ng

      • Abigail Chua

        • Eusebio D’Almeida

          • Gloria Pang

            • Amy Chan

              • Ben Chua

                • Nancy Lee

                  • Joshua Foo

                    • Pan Jun Jie

                      • Lee Seng Chai

                        • Alice Leong

                          ZONE TWO

                          • Brian Chew

                            • John Yap

                              • Eddy Tan

                                • Francis Wong

                                  • Chris Ho

                                    • Peter Lim

                                      • Leslie Lim

                                        • Constance Tan

                                          • Edmund Lam

                                            ZONE THREE

                                            • Joyce Song

                                              • Sunny Oh

                                                • Andrew Cheong

                                                  • Angela Lau

                                                    • Elroy Tan

                                                      • Angela Ong

                                                        • Kok Min Chuen ‭

                                                          • Quek Sze Swee

                                                            • Simon Wong

                                                              Parents’ Day Blessed Thanksgiving Banquet

                                                              Come join this banquet with guest speaker Rev. Lionel Lim who used to be a professional gambler, now he is the senior pastor of Great Revival Church which has helped countless gamblers.

                                                              Date:       10 June 2018 (Sunday)
                                                              Time:      Service 2pm / Banquet 4.30pm
                                                              Venue:   Church Of Our Saviour, 130 Margaret Drive, Singapore 149300

                                                              Tickets are for sale at $28 per ticket (inclusive of 12 Blessings Lucky Draw) at the Admin Desk.

                                                              Discover Alpha in COOS

                                                              What is Alpha?

                                                              Alpha is a series of interactive sessions designed to encourage conversation about life’s big questions in a friendly, open and informal environment.

                                                              Who is Alpha for?

                                                              Alpha is for anyone wanting to explore the meaning of life and the Christian faith. Sessions are designed to be relatable to everyone curious to discover more (including youth and parents). All Alpha sessions have three key components in common: food, talk and a good conversation.

                                                              Alpha Training

                                                              Find out how you can be a part of Alpha in COOS at our upcoming training sessions: 

                                                              • 11 & 18 May 2018
                                                              • 7.30pm – 10.00pm
                                                              • Venue: COOS

                                                              Alpha Sessions

                                                              • Fridays starting from July or August 2018
                                                              • 10 sessions & 2 special follow-up sessions
                                                              • Venue: COOS

                                                              The Parenting Children Course

                                                              Designed to help parents and carers of 0 – 10-year-olds and parents-to-be, equip their children for life.

                                                              • Saturdays starting from 7 July 2018
                                                              • 4.00pm – 6.00pm
                                                              • 6 sessions
                                                              • Venue: COOS Room 304
                                                              • Cost: $15 per person (workbook provided)

                                                              The Parenting Teenagers Course

                                                              Designed to help parents and carers of teenagers equip their teens for life.

                                                              • Saturdays, starting from 7 July 2018
                                                              • 4.00pm – 6.00pm
                                                              • 6 sessions
                                                              • Venue: COOS Room 215
                                                              • Cost: $15 per person (workbook provided)

                                                              Alpha Youth

                                                              • Fridays, starting from 13 July 2018
                                                              • 8 sessions & 2 special follow-up sessions
                                                              • Venue: COOS

                                                              For more enquiries, please email

                                                              COOS Social Happenings

                                                              When we gather as a community, be it around the Atrium or the Auditorium, or at a Special Interest Group, a talk, workshop or event. We are ‘socialising’ to form connections and friendships. Places come alive when people gather. In COOS, we call it ‘COOS Social’.

                                                              Welcome to COOS SOCIAL. The COOS SOCIAL platform encompasses Events, SIGs, Atrium Alive & Auditorium Alive. We have a calendar of events lined up in the Atrium, Auditorium, Special Interest Groups & Events. 

                                                              Atrium: Join us @The Atrium for hospitality services and a whole slew of activities. 

                                                              Auditorium: We feature the many talents amongst us during service times

                                                              Special Interest Groups [‘SIGs’]: Consisting of people with similar interests or hobbies, who have the desire to nurture their interests and introduce it to curious initiates. By identifying and bonding through common interests we hope to reveal the many delightful activities and talents that God has given us to enjoy. 

                                                              Events / Talks/ Workshops: Organised to educate, edify the body and perfect opportunities to invite friends to join us

                                                              Calendar of Events [May & June 2018]

                                                              19 & 20 May

                                                              1. Consecration Services @The Auditorium [Bishop will be in attendance at Sunday 10.30am Service]
                                                              2. Photo Booth @The Atrium
                                                              3. Community Services Showcase @The Atrium

                                                              26 & 27 May

                                                              1. Soaring Eagles Club & Tuition Programme Showcase @The Atrium
                                                              2. Alpha @Visitor’s Corner, Cafe Oasis Booths @The Atrium

                                                              2 & 3 June [Family Month]

                                                              1. Terrarium4kidz @The Atrium
                                                              2. Fly Aeroplane & Kickball @The Plaza

                                                              9 & 10 June [Family Month]

                                                              1. Alpha @Visitor’s Corner
                                                              2. Special Interest Groups [SIG] Showcase @The Atrium

                                                              16 & 17 June [Family Month]

                                                              1. Men@COOS Booth, Activities to celebrate Father’s Day @ The Atrium

                                                              23 & 24 June 

                                                              Men@COOS Booth, Activities to celebrate Father’s Day @ The Atrium, Safari Children’s Birthday Party @Rm 308

                                                              30 June & 1 July [Family Month]

                                                              ‘Race of Life’ Bonding Activity





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