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Sue-Ann Lee

Investing In Eternity

Children are very precious – they are special gifts to their parents and to the world. Singapore is the richest country in Southeast Asia. In fact, Singapore has been ranked as one of the top ten richest countries in the world. Most children in Singapore may not face the same challenges as the children from other countries in our region, but they are just as precious in the eyes of our Father.

Our Heavenly Father has a very special place in His heart and His kingdom just for children. In spite of the commonly held belief that children’s work is difficult, working with children can be one of the most rewarding of Christian ministries. Children are like wet cement: give them the right impressions and you can set them in the right directions for life. They are also like dry sponges: they will soak in anything and everything! For these very reasons, parents and teachers of children need to be very mindful of our awesome responsibility. We adults must be held accountable when our children don’t thrive. On the other hand, it is our joy and privilege to nurture and train children, bringing forth fruits of righteousness. God has endowed parents with the honour of being the “warriors” to direct these “arrows” to be on target (Psalm 127:4).


Children will naturally follow what us, adults do. If you pay close attention to the children in our church, you will also see that they are hungry for the move of God in our midst. I strongly believe that we are living in the age where the glory of God will cover the earth as the waters cover the seas. Our children have a destiny much brighter and more exciting than ours. As the saying goes, “our ceiling will be their floor”. Let’s seek God for wisdom on how to call forth the destiny of our children.


Parents, you have a very important place in your children’s lives. May our Lord inspire you to take time off from your very busy schedules every day to touch the lives of your children in dynamic ways that will last for eternity. Just ten to fifteen minutes a day – switch off the television and the computers, put away your mobile devices and read a passage of scripture or a devotional message, soak in God’s presence together or just talk and share, then pray for each other and for the needs of others as well. Get connected with God and with each other because we cannot replace the impact parents have on the lives of their children.


Exciting days are ahead! God is on the move and He is going to manifest His presence amongst children, youth and adults alike. Let’s release the manifest presence of Jesus as the light of this world and darkness will have no option but to leave! As the light shines brighter and brighter, every day will become an experience of Heaven for our children. Together with our children, let’s bring the love of our Father to our nation and the nations beyond.

Demystifying The Prophetic

Mention the word ‘prophetic’ and what often comes to mind are the miracles that are performed – gold dust, manna from heaven, instantaneous weight-loss and visiting angels, just to name a few.  To skeptics, it’s probably all a bunch of hocus-pocus, or even worse, a scam orchestrated by ‘weirdos’ from the West.  But is that what the prophetic movement is all about?  Or is there more to it than meets the eye?


What is the prophetic all about?  On the most obvious level, the prophetic movement allows God’s people to experience supernatural demonstrations of His power.  These demonstrations could include anything from “soaking” or resting in God’s presence, to miraculous healings.  Others paint, sing or dance as directed by God to minister to others, and some receive visions and words of wisdom from Him.


However, the basis of the prophetic really isn’t about signs and wonders, but about something much more fundamental than that – it’s about worship.

It is through worship that God’s glory is revealed. In other words, if we wanted to create a place where people would experience God’s awesome healing and miracles, what we would need is to worship God with everything that we have.


“Sing unto Him a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise.” – Psalm 33:3

But worshipping God with everything that we have means we don’t put boundaries on our expressions of creativity.

Indeed, it is the arts that allow us to be at our most creative and expressive. And it is the power of the arts – through painting, dancing and releasing new songs – that radically transforms the emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives in a way that no other tool can.

Art, used in thoughtfully and prayerfully, can be used to enhance and deepen our worship.  The transforming power of the arts should not just be for the people of the church but should be practiced with the ultimate purpose of going out beyond the walls of the church, to touch the hears of people who do not yet know Him.


It is only with an intimate relationship with God that His power can manifest though us.

When Elijah was tasked to prove that God exists to a pagan-worshipping and disobedient generation, God sent down fire from heaven, and they fell on their faces in worship and repentance (1 Kings 18:39).  Perhaps that is what God is doing now.  In a me-first generation where people are their own gods and where cynicism abounds, God could be using tangible, awesome and unexpected ways to reach out to His people – believers and pre-believers alike.  Let the fire fall!

Original article by Jillian Lee (re-edited by Sue-Ann Lee)