In Leviticus, the Year of Jubilee is a 50th year Sabbath, a time of rest for all – humans, animals and land. It was to be ushered in with the blast of the shofar heard throughout the land on the Day of Atonement. At that sound, tears of joy should have flowed as slaves were set free to return to their families, debts cancelled, properties and inheritances restored. It was literally the beginning of a brand new chapter.

Jesus began his ministry by proclaiming and ushering in a new Jubilee for us.
For everyone who needs rest, restoration, comfort, consolation, release and
freedom – it was cause for rejoicing and jubilation. Far from being an obscure Old Testament Law, the Jubilee is at the heart of the good news of Jesus Christ for all.

This year Singapore celebrates her Jubilee and we have set our hearts to observe the Year of Favour. Together we want to enter into a time of celebration, of experiencing God’s presence and favour.

For this, your wholehearted participation in our journey is important as we look forward to what God will pour out for us this year.

Listen! The shofar is being blown,
let us respond to its call!

With anticipation,