Testimony: Gift of Healing

In January 2016. Mdm. Janie Chang, 61, felt unwell and went to see a doctor. The doctor ordered a series of tests, after which she was diagnosed with stage 4, cancer of the nose. The cancer had spread down to the lymph nodes in her neck and shoulders. The news was a huge blow to Mdm. Chang who was the fourth person in her family to be stricken with cancer. The disease had already claimed the life of her mother.
When Mdm. Chang’s brother (Pastor Danny Ching) heard the news, he immediately activated prayer amongst the staff and cell group members in the church.
Mdm. Chang subsequently received treatment at the National Cancer Centre where she was recommended an intensive combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments – 6 cycles of chemotherapy and 33 sessions of radiotherapy in all. The sessions often left Mdm. Chang feeling exhausted, drained and weak. However, the knowledge that members of our church were praying for her, gave her a sense of assurance even in her weakened physical state.
May 2016. After Mdm. Chang had completed  2 cycles of chemotherapy, she underwent another diagnostic test. This time, the test results showed that no more cancer cells were found in her body and further treatment was unnecessary!
God’s mighty miracle is evidenced by Mdm. Chang’s medical reports (see below). Through His grace, Mdm. Chang has been healed. Praise the Lord, our God!
Mdm. Chang and her nephew.

Mdm. Chang and her nephew.

January 2016 : Cancer cells detected

January 2016 : Cancer cells detected

January 2016. Cancer cells detected.

May 2016. Cancer cells COULD NOT BE detected!

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