AGM 2020

Church of Our Saviour is hereby giving notice that the Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday, 25 June 2020, 8pm. This year’s AGM will be held online with due consideration to safe distancing.

Important Dates :
15 June : Submission of Queries Deadline
22 June : Voting by Proxy Form Submission Deadline
25 June : Virtual AGM

Registration link to receive Ministry & Financial reports & to attend AGM

PCC Nomination
PCC Nomination has closed on 31 May 2020.
Here is the list of PCC Nominees for term 2020/2021
You may make a vote for the PCC Nominees by Proxy Form. Details on voting are below.

Submission of Questions
We will be taking questions via email to All questions must reach us by 15 June 2020.

Voting by Proxy Form
As this year’s AGM is held online, all voting will have to be carried out by way of proxy form. All  proxy voting forms must reach us by 22 June 2020.

You will be requested to vote on the following items :
1) Accept 2019 AGM’s minutes
2) Accept Financial reports for year 2019
3) Appointment of Baker Tilly as COOS auditor for 2020/2021
4) Voting of PCC members for term 2020/2021
Go to Proxy Form now :
All proxy form submissions must reach us by 22 June 2020.