What is Alpha?

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions designed to encourage conversation about life’s big questions in a friendly, open and informal environment. Alpha is for anyone wanting to explore the meaning of life and the Christian faith. Sessions are designed to be relatable to everyone curious to discover more (including youth and parents). 

Hear what some say about Alpha:

Each session had been informative as we were engaged in detailed discussions where many of my questions were addressed. Our facilitator was very committed and caring. The weekly session was so fun and fruitful that we felt the two hours were simply not enough and always looked forward to the next ! i received Christ by the end of 4th session! Such an enriching journey for me. My sincere thanks to all these committed facilitators and befrienders.

Goh Chee Pieu, Participant in Alpha Feb-Apr 2020

Everything was so well-planned. We were surrounded by kind and positive people. The interactive sharings we had together were so open and sincere. I’ve learnt a lot from the course. 

Low Chek Choon – Participant, in Alpha Feb-Apr 2020

We were free to ask any questions and hear one another’s point of view or personal experiences in our life’s journey. It’s a good place to know more people of the same community. I’m glad I’ve attended this course.

Madeline Yan- Participant in Alpha Feb-Apr 2020


We had such powerful conversations! I would recommend Alpha to anyone if you are looking to grow stronger in your faith and connect with others as you make that step.

Aindaray Khine, Participant in Alpha Feb-Apr 2020

The first session of Alpha took place during DORSCON Orange. Even in these circumstances, our meetings carried on with adjustments to be made week after week. Nonetheless, the meals and chats with our guests were still very heartening and enjoyable, It is wonderful how God touches lives.

Shirley Lim, Volunteer in Alpha Feb-Apr 2020

Alpha in COOS [2020] 

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