Back to Basics

In conjunction with our Jubilee year, we invited one of our contributing writers, Nancy Lee, to share her thoughts about celebrating her jubilee year.

I turned 50 almost 2 and a half years ago. And to celebrate this milestone of my life, I threw a birthday bash and invited 60 of my closest friends – friends with whom I have shared my life intimately; friends who have walked into some chapters of my life and because of it, brought much light, love and laughter.

While planning for the bash, I wondered whether or not to do things the traditional way – that is to order a huge birthday cake, have 50 lighted candles on it and have my guests sing while I try to put them out in one breath. After much thought, I’d realized that I didn’t want the extravagance of a huge birthday cake as it held very little meaning for me. Instead, I decided on little cupcakes for each my guests and we lighted the candles by passing the light around.

As I stood there, gazing at the sea of candles lit before me, I’d realized that the recipe for good relationships is very simple one – that is, to love others as we would ourselves. If we cannot measure up to this simple rule, then it is of little wonder why we have so many complicated relationships.

Where are your relationships now? What state are they in? Are you enjoying growing together into the golden years with your spouse? Are you enjoying good relationships with your parents, siblings and friends? Or are you experiencing turmoil in your relationships?

If you are having difficulty in your relationships, then you need to go back to the basics – back to the simple rule of loving the person as you would yourself. Once you get your basics right, then you can go ahead and add the icing on the cake.

Nancy Lee is the Creative Director of her own Graphic Design firm, Earth Communications.  She is an avid movie goer and traveller, who loves to dabble with theatre, writing, photography and exploring recipies.  She writes a monthly newsletter known as Earthmuse.


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