Testimony: Healed by Grace

I work as a staff at Crisis Centre, a charitable home for the homeless in Singapore. Most residents stay for a period of six months or more where we help them find jobs and encourage them to live better lives. 

One of our residents was a Malay man whom we had later also employed as a staff helper. He had been admitted to SGH because of very bad nose bleeds. One Sunday, after attending the 8.30am service in church, my wife and I went to visit him in the hospital. The staff nurse told me that the doctor suspected nose cancer as they had found 2 lumps in his nose. He cried when he saw my wife and I, and said to us, “Mr. Isaac, I have cancer. I am going to die.” I told him not to worry and asked if we could pray for him. He agreed, “Yes!”. My wife and I prayed for him and before we left, I told him to thank Jesus repeatedly.

Two days later, I went to visit him again. The staff nurse told me that his latest scan showed no cancer cells. As he has no family, the doctor called me and told me the same thing that the nurse had reported. Just this month, he underwent surgery in the nose to remove his 2 big lumps and is now back at Crisis Centre.

This is indeed a miracle from God. Praise our Lord for His amazing grace!



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