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Mental Health Eqiupping

Learn about the emotional needs of ourselves and our children, and how to create an emotionally healthy family that fosters compassion and love.

Wu Ruoyi is a trained social worker and counsellor and has been working with families, youths and parents for more than 10 years. She has previously worked in several secular organisations and is presently overseeing the Choices Ministry in COOS. Besides counseling and facilitating male/female and parents support groups in Choices Ministry and Counselling Ministry, Ruoyi also equips volunteers and church leaders/members regularly in basic helping skills & self-care, enabling more to better care for others.


Self-care and attending to our child’s emotional needs By Wu Ruoyi

16 Sep 2021, Thursday |  8pm-10pm via Zoom


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COOSkidz Resumes

On-site COOSkidz programmes has resumed!

Remember to do pre-registration via This link opens at 10am every Wednesday for registration to attend COOSkidz or service for the same week. Registration closes 5pm Fridays, or earlier once full.

Do register early to ensure a place.

Please note there is no concurrent COOSkidz programmes for the Saturday 4.30pm and the Sunday 9am services. However those attending the latter may opt to book for their children to attend the Sunday 8.30am COOSkidz programme and send them in earlier. In addition, there is no COOSkidz on the first weekend of each month when Holy Communion services are held. Families are encouraged to book seats and celebrate Holy Communion together.