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Diocesan Weekly Announcements 14 October

To all Local Clergy, Deaconesses and Parish Admin

Here is the announcement for the week

To Local Clergy, Deaconesses & Parish Admin (Interview with The Bishop of Singapore – For publicity)

  • 2 adorable boys interview Bishop Titus as part of a children’s day special. They ask Bishop Titus what he does for work and why his work attire is so different!

Bishop Titus shares the importance for the church to cultivate the younger generation in speaking and learning in their mother tongue to help them develop and adopt a bilingual and bicultural mindset and much more. Watch and share this clip:

[Video recorded and uploaded by Church of Our Saviour (Light of Life)]

Diocesan Weekly Announcements 29 September

To all Local Clergy, Deaconesses and Parish Admin

Here are the announcements for the week

To Local Clergy & Deaconesses & Parish Admin (For publicity)

  • St George’s Church is running an internationally acclaimed course to help those who wish to spiritually care for the ageing. The course will run for eight Monday nights,7 to 9pm from 11th October. Please register via,refer to Attachment 1 for the publicity poster.

Recruitment Notice

  • St Andrew’s Community Chapel is recruiting an Executive Officer and an Assistant Admin Officer (Chinese Congregation).

Details of this recruitment advert can be found at

Deeper Life Course

Deeper Life Course: Esther – Embracing God’s Providence

The book of Esther, set in the Persian period, narrates the story of a woman and her role in the reversal of fortunes of the Jewish people in exile. It is a well-loved book. The richness of story contents resonates with modern audiences: the battle between good and evil, a beautiful and courageous young heroine, and an arrogant and scheming villain; poetic justice and a good ending. One unique feature of “Esther” is that the name of God does not appear in the book. Was God present or absent? What can we learn from the author’s intended ambiguity on the role of God in this story?

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Identify the central theme in the book of Esther
  • Outline the basic structure
  • Describe the key characters and events
  • Articulate the significance of the Purim festival
  • Explain the overall message and its relevance for believers today

 Come and join us to find out what can be gleaned from the book of Esther.

Dates: 23 & 30 October (Saturdays) | 10am-11.30am

Venue: Via Zoom | Trainer: Mah Sook Cheng


Registration (by 18 October):


Pre-Marriage Course 2022

(Please allow at least 15 months prior to your intended date of wedding ceremony.)
$170 per couple (COOS member), $220 per couple (non-COOS member)
Cycle 1 (Jan – Apr) – Choa Chu Kang (Sunday PM) Closing Date: 15 Nov 2021 or when all 4 slots are taken
Cycle 2 (May – Aug) – Bukit Timah (owners have a trained dog not on a leash) Saturday PM Closing date: 6 Mar 2022 or when all 4 slots are taken
Cycle 3 (Sep – Dec)- Dawson Road (Saturday PM) Closing date: 30 Jun 2022 or when all 4 slots are taken