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Diocesan Updates 21 July 2021

Diocesans Announcements (21 July 2021)
To All Local Clergy, Deaconesses and Parish Admin. Here are the announcements for this week:
To all Local Clergy, Deaconesses and Parish Admin (for inclusion in church e-bulletins and announcements during services)
Health Talk organised by St Andrew’s Cathedral Healthcare Fellowship
St Andrew’s Cathedral is extending an invitation to members of all parishes to sign up for their Zoom conversation with Prof Paul Ananth Tambyah. All registrants will be sent an email with instructions.
Title: COVID-19: Where Are We Headed?
Date: Thursday, 5 August 2021
Time: 7pm
To Vicars and Priest–in-charge (for prayers at this Sunday’s service)
Diocesan Indian Work Sunday (25th July 2021)
The Diocese will commemorate the Indian Work Sunday on 25 Jul 2021, Chairman of Singapore Anglican Indian Board (SAIB) would like to request for prayers for the Indian Churches and SAIB.
1. Pray for growth in our Churches through fervent and creative evangelistic outreaches as we continue to reach out to the Indian community in Singapore.
2. Pray for Lay and Youth Development through effective Equipping process.
3. Pray for resources to plant new congregations and raise the next generation of workers.

Diocesan Updates 17 June 2021

Prayer Points for India and Nepal
Please see Attachment 1 – Updates On Nepal – 28th May 2021 for Canon Steven Asirvatham’s updates on Nepal and prayer points for India and Nepal.

Invitation to YCCA’s Vicar Induction Service on 20 June 2021
Please refer to Attachment 2 for the email inviting you to the Institution and Induction of Revd Daniel Teo as the Vicar of Yishun Christian Church (Anglican).

Date:     Sunday, 20 June 2021
Time:     8.30 am
Venue:  Yishun Christian Church (Anglican), 10 Yishun Avenue 5 Singapore 768991

You may access the live stream on the day of the induction via YCCA’s church website at or YCCA’s YouTube Channel: YCCA English.

2021 Chinese Board Lay Leaders Conference
Please refer to Attachment 3 – 20210710 Lay Leaders Conference for the invitation letter, publicity poster and registration forms for this event, which includes 7 discussion workshops.

Date:          10 July 2021 (Saturday)
Time:         10am -12noon
Venue:       Zoom
Speaker:    Bp Titus Chung

Please submit all registrations forms to Ms Wu Yingxi at by 1 July 2021 (Thurs)

Diocesan Digest Issue 275 | May 2021
The latest issue is available on the diocesan website at

Recruitment Notices

St John’s – St Margaret’s Church is currently recruiting Cell Zone Pastors. Full details for this job vacancy can be found in Attachment 1 – Cell Zone Pastors for SJSM or at the diocesan website Interested applicants for this role can send their CV to

St George’s Church is seeking to appoint a Women and Families Ministry Director. Full details for this position can be found in Attachment 2 – Women and Families Director for SGC or at the diocesan website For more information or to apply, please contact Revd Ian Hadfield at

The Diocese of Singapore is currently recruiting:

  • Administrator (Education & Training)
  • Administrative Officer (Parish Membership)

Full details of the above job vacancies can be found at Interested applicants may send their CV to

Appeal Letters (to Anglican members) in various languages as below.

2021_05_16 Appeal Letter for Chaplaincy Funds (to Anglican members) – English FINAL

2021_05_16 Appeal Letter for Chaplaincy Funds (to Anglican members) – Tamil FINAL

2021_05_16 Appeal Letter for Chaplaincy Funds (to Anglican members) – Chinese FINAL

Announcements as of 12 May 2021

Attachment 1- Letter to the Vicars for prayer – Nepal and India

Attachment 2 – SAMH-SACS Sunday 2021 Letter to Vicar & PIC_20 April 2021

Attachment 2A – 2021_05_16 Appeal Letter for Chaplaincy Funds (to Anglican members) – English FINAL

Attachment 2B – 2021_05_16 Appeal Letter for Chaplaincy Funds (to Anglican members) – Chinese FINAL

Attachment 2C – 2021_05_16 Appeal Letter for Chaplaincy Funds (to Anglican members) – Tamil FINAL

Attachment 3- Chinese Board Lay Readers Course Letter & Poster

No COOSkidz programme

𝗖𝗢𝗢𝗦𝗸𝗶𝗱𝘇 is moving all its programmes onto Zoom for now – there won’t be any on-site session until further advised.

For children who are first-time visitors to our 𝗖𝗢𝗢𝗦𝗸𝗶𝗱𝘇 𝗧𝗶𝗺𝗲 on Zoom, do register with us at
If you need more information, contact our COOSkidz Team at 96942019. We look forward to welcoming your children to COOSkidz!

COOS E-Giving

If you are a believer and worship in COOS, you may give your tithes and offerings electronically
via the following ways:
PayNow UEN: T08CC4065E
DBS account name: Church of Our Saviour (North) A/C 1
DBS Account Number: 0060149545

**QR CODE: strictly for tithings and offerings only

For detailed instructions, please click here.


Safe check-in process for admission to church services will be done via a new system implemented by the government, called SafeEntry GateWay (SEGW).

Those who have been using your handphone
No need to scan the SafeEntry QR code anymore unless you would like to have a record of the places that you have visited. All you have to do is to activate the TraceTogether App and bring it close to the SEGW device (in the range of 1-25cm) to be detected.

Those who have been using your TraceTogether (TT) Token
Just bring your token close to the SEGW device (in the range of 1-25cm) to be detected.

However if your token is at low-battery or not working, it will not respond. This will indicate that you need to replace the battery or the token at a community club.

Those who still have not collected your tokens are strongly advised to do so. Scanning of ICs & Work passes will not be used once the Govt announces that all venues MUST USE TraceTogether only.

Checking Out After Services

In addition to the current SafeEntry Gateway (SEGW) Check-in, there is now a SEGW Check-out process. This is done by way of tapping our handphone (that has the TT function loaded) or our Token against the SEGW Check-Out Device.

While this process is not mandatory, and will not be monitored by a church staff, checking-out when we leave the church will make it more accurate for the authorities when Contact Tracing is being done.

The Church has been issued four such devices, and from Saturday 10 July 2021 onwards, they will be positioned at the following spot.

  1. At Lift Lobby A leading to the basement carpark
  2. At Atrium B, for people leaving the church via the Atrium towards Margaret Drive
  3. At Atrium F, for people leaving the church via the Atrium towards Commonwealth Avenue
  4. At Foyer 2, for people leaving church via the Plaza towards Commonwealth Avenue

The devices have been set up and activated. Each device will be accompanied by a poster giving very brief instructions, which is more of a reminder to members as they leave the church.