COOS Cell Ministry

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Our cell groups generally consist of 7 to 15 people who meet regularly to “do life” together.  A cell group is a place where meaningful relationships are cultivated through being ministered to, ministering to God and, ministering to each other.

Ministering to God through Praise and Worship
As a Christ-centred community, ministering to God forms the focal point of our cell life. We seek to lift Jesus up so that people will be drawn to Him. 

Ministering to One Another
There are people with different talents and spiritual gifts within a cell group. Some may minister through the sharing of the Word, while others do so through prayer, encouragement, prophecy, practical help or a testimony. 

Ministering to the Community in Singapore and Beyond
In our cells, we pray for and plan to reach out to our loved ones and the community with the gospel of Christ. We desire to bless our community through acts of kindness with no strings attached. Some cells also "adopt a missionary" where they provide missionaries with support through prayer and letters, or organize short trips to visit and encourage their “adopted” missionaries. 

In addition to the generic cell group, there are also other cells that connect those with similar interests or lifestyles, for example: 

DAYBREAK CELLS for those who do shift work or are only available in the day

HOMEMAKER CELLS  for homemakers or those who have flexible working hours

YOUNG WORKING ADULT CELLS for those in their 20s and 30s and those who are relatively new in the work force 

OTHER CELLS include both Follow-up Cells and Outreach Cells 

Domestic Workers Fellowship

Domestic Workers Fellowship caters to all other nationalities.

Worship, Sharing & Prayer sessions are conducted every Saturday from
10.30am - 12noon in Room 202.

For any enquiries, please contact
Serene Teo at sereneteo@coos.org.sg.

Golden Ministry

Golden Ministry works in tandem with other ministries in COOS to render pastoral care to Senior Members within the church and Pre-believers.  Our Home and Hospital Visitation Teams provide visitation to those who may be homebound or have difficulty attending church services due to medical reasons. 

Staff and volunteers also make regular visits to hospitals to befriend patients and provide prayer support as well as help in relevant areas.  We also organise events to bless the community at St Andrew's Nursing Home.

We have our Golden Ministry Devotion and Prayer meeting every Wednesday morning. Do come and join us.

10.00am - 12.30pm, Every Wednesday
Church of Our Saviour
130 Margaret Drive
Singapore 149300

Migrant Workers Ministry

Our Beginnings

The Migrant Workers’ Ministry in COOS began in 2013 as a cell’s response to God’s leading to reach out and bless the migrant workers who worked and stayed near COOS. One sister from the cell just walked into the Margaret Drive dormitory to invite the workers to our church carpark for a little Christmas celebration. She and two other cell members had in mind to bless them with a muffin each. They did not have a well laid-out plan for the Christmas celebration. They wanted to share God’s love with these workers in the best way they knew, and had planned to do a 3-person carolling for the workers who would turn up.

God however, surprised the team with His generous provisions through the church. Their area pastor who came to know about the initiative was very supportive of it. They ended up having a buffet spread for the workers. More COOS people from both their cell and other cells, also joined them in blessing the workers who came for the Christmas gathering.

Our Journey

Following that, in the next few years, COOS organized a few ad-hoc events, including two medical outreaches, to bless these migrant workers. We also ran English classes for them. The journey was not all that easy. The team, comprising mostly sisters, faced challenges like communication barriers and irregular, dwindling attendance of the workers.

Through a series of events, the team got linked up with City Missions International Indian Church. After some confirmation through prayers, a team of brothers from City Missions came alongside COOS to reach out to these migrant workers together. We started computer classes for the workers in mid-2015. In 2016, nine of the workers graduated from the computer course. In the same year, four workers went through water baptism.

Recent Happenings

Blessing Night 20170311 Partnership CMII n COOS

In March 2017, we had a Blessing Night event for the Indian and Bangladesh migrant workers. More than 130 of them turned up. We thank God for the very encouraging response and for the many volunteers who joined us to bless and serve these workers. We saw God moving mightily in our midst and we felt His deep love for these workers. 


After the event, we have an increased enrolment for our weekly computer classes. We also intend to start a recreation corner and do more for these workers.

Our Invitation to You

If God has put in your heart a burden to pray for and reach out to these migrant workers amongst us, we invite you to explore the opportunities to serve with us.

Email Dr. Ming Hann at minghann.cheah@gmail.com or call +65 91712000.

Brothers and sisters are welcome.

On-Fire Ministry (Ministry for the Hearing-Impaired)

The On Fire Ministry provides interpretation through sign language during our weekend services so that the hearing impaired can participate more meaningfully in church life. In addition, members of the On Fire team help hearing-impaired church members by interpreting for them if they have to go to the hospital, the police, or, during deliverance, healing and counseling sessions.

We currently provide interpretation at the 3.30pm service on Saturdays and the 10.30am service on Sundays.  Interpretation takes place at the extreme right section of seats in the auditorium.

We have two cell groups under our ministry:

7:45pm, Thursdays@Windy Heights (Area Pastor: Danny Ching)

5:30pm, Thusdays@Blk 907 Tampines Ave 4 (Area Pastor: Danny Ching)

The Windy Heights cell consists mainly of the hearing-impaired, with a hearing leader while the group that meets at Margaret Drive is mainly made up of sign language interpreters as well as those keen in fellowshipping/learning from the sign language interpreters

Are you looking to get all fired up and serve with us? Or, are you interested in taking up sign language courses?  Contact us today!

Stepping Out

Stepping Out is a 10-week practical course designed for those who desire:

  • a deeper relationship with God
  • a deeper understanding of JOY (Jesus Others Yourself)
  • to rediscover their first love for God
  • to leave their past and enter into a renewed relationship with God

Greater understanding of the promises of God and effective application of the Word of God in the lives of those leading to enhanced fellowship and victorious living in Christ.

To minister into areas of bondages that have hindered the receiving of spiritual blessings from God and to encourage praying for one another thereby experiencing the love and power of God.

   ast (recognize the woundedness of the soul)
R   estore & Revitalise (recognize and embrace spiritual blessings)
A   scend (step out of comfort zones)
Y   ield (to God and authority) 

(The contents of this course are designed to give a deeper and more practical understanding of the foundational truths of a Christian life. It is suitable for both young and matured Christians.)

The fall of Man
The Heavenly Realm
Nature of a man
The Mosaic Covenant 
The New Covenant
What is Sin?
Sin and its Consequences
Obedience with a Blessing
What did we inherit? 
Blessings or Curses?
Understanding Fear
Godly Principles for Victorious Christian Living and staying free

Stepping Out started in 2001 and has consistently seen the transformation of participants who have diligently come to hear, learn, do and gradually rise up to the challenge of making a difference in their Christian walk.  Many testimonies were recorded, as lives that were emptied before God became prophetically refilled by their Redeemer and King, just like those spoken of in Isaiah chapter 54. Many experienced breakthroughs little-by-little as they overcame the barrenness in their lives to finally take that stride in faith towards their DESTINY:  

 D    efined to worship
 E     nlarge the tent
 S     trengthen the stakes
 T     aught by the Lord
 I      ntercede for the land
 N    ot be ashamed 
 Y     eshua as King


By Lo Ai Ling

For the last few years, where my spiritual life was concerned, I had been wandering in the wilderness.  The first sign of growth came last year when I attended ‘Stepping Out’.  The 10 sessions opened my eyes to the joy of knowing God again.

Early this year I asked God to take me on a journey with Him.  I wanted to have more of God in my life.  I was truly surprised and ecstatic when, a few days later during one of our church services, He told me that He would hold my hand and take me on a journey.  That marked the beginning of my journey with Him.

I have no words to describe this amazing journey.  One of the most significant parts of this journey was when God surfaced bitterness, rebellion, pain and hurt in my life.  Over the years I had numbed myself and did not realize that part of me was dead.  I am so thankful to God for delivering me out of this with the help of the precious ladies in the Stepping Out ministry.

I know that God is not through with me yet.  My journey with Him continues and I know that when I walk with God, I grow stronger daily.  It is so exciting to walk with Him again.  Just as God used others to touch my life, I am asking Him to let me be a channel of His blessings to others too.

God is so good to me.


My husband and I tried for a baby for 2 ½ years.  I had 3 miscarriages during that time.  These were trying times but it helped us draw closer to God and also helped us build a firm foundation in our marriage.  After my third miscarriage, I decided to work part-time and attend the ‘Stepping Out’ course on my day off.  That was the best decision I could have ever taken. 

I managed to unload my baggage through the 10 lessons.  Each session was revealing and also painful.  However, I always felt much better after the tears had dried up!

The dedicated ladies in ‘Stepping Out’ as well as Dr. Mahesh Chavda prayed for me, and I successfully conceived in the first half of 2005.  Our son, Joel, is a real joy and always reminds us of God’s goodness and grace! 

Yes, there are difficult times in life but God is always there to help us.  We may not recognise and accept His comfort because we are busy blaming Him for our misery.  Therefore, I am glad for the sound teaching in ‘Stepping Out’.  It highlighted to me that God forgives us when we repent of our sins.  However, there are still the consequences of the sins, which we have to deal with.

‘Stepping Out’ is the way to go for all ladies if you ask me!

For enquiries and more information, please email Pastor Arthur Yeo at arthur@coos.org.sg.



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