Choices was established in 1991 to help people recover their God-intended sexual identity. We offer support to individuals struggling with same sex attraction, as well as for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) individuals who are struggling with their sexual choices or lifestyle, including family members of persons who identify themselves as LGBTQ. We recognized that different individuals have their own journey of challenges and painful experiences. We want to be part of their journey, supporting them so that they can develop the strength and resources to cope with and manage their struggles, and to receive healing by God’s love and grace.

Our History

Choices was officially launched in September 1991 by Sy Rogers, former president of Exodus North America. Choices now has over 20 years of ministry in Singapore and our clients come from very varied backgrounds. Some may struggle with personal issues of their own, or want to seek help for someone whom they know, others contact us for information to better understand sexual brokenness, homosexuality and related issues.

We want to provide a safe environment and space for individuals to share their struggles and distress, and to receive healing though our journey with them. One of our goals is to establish relevant and effective help for our clients, including help for families and friends of clients. We provide services such as counselling support, support groups, and talks and training sessions for various groups in the community.

Counselling Service

Our staff are trained professionally in counselling so that we can work effectively with individuals. We want to respect and honor the experiences of individuals, and we strictly follow the guidelines of our professional code of ethics with regards to the confidentiality of information shared.

To make a counselling appointment or to find out more about our counselling services, please email

Support Groups

One of the key elements in Choices’ recovery programme is the use of support groups. These groups provide a safe setting for self-disclosure, self-discovery, change and growth. It offers a nurturing environment to help clients find meaning in their sexual struggles, and is an ideal place to forge wholesome friendships.

Please call 88760143 or email for more details.

Talks and Workshops

Choices has conducted talks and workshops on topics such as understanding homosexuality and same sex attraction, emotional dependency, engaging and relating with persons struggling with same sex attraction, and relevant topics. Our audience includes church leaders, pastors, school teachers and students, lay people and other sectors of the community.

Please email if you are interested to engage us for talks or workshops for your church or organization.

Relearning ways of living and relating is not easy. To succeed, two critical ingredients need to be present: a tenacious, persevering motivation and the support of others who believe in your efforts.

Through Choices Ministry, we have had the privilege of coming alongside numerous people in the past 20 years who have struggled with this issue. The Ministry provides both counseling and spiritual help for those who want to be set free from homosexual thoughts, tendencies and practices. Here are testimonies of God’s healing power in the lives of two former homosexuals :

1) A SECOND CHANCE by Mabel Sim

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Events on May 23, 2019

7:30 pm: Caregivers-to-Caregivers Education Programme

Details Description: - C2C Programme provides training to caregivers of persons with mental illness. This unique training programme is free of charge. You will be supported through 2.5 hour 12 sessions and be empowered in your caregiving journey. 2 May - 18 July, every Thursday.
Location: Room 217B/305
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Events on May 25, 2019

2:30 pm: English Service : Pastor Daniel Teu speaking

Location: 130 Margaret Dr, Singapore 149300
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2:30 pm: HOPE - A Playback Theatre Showcase

Come, bring a pre-believing friend and join us for an afternoon showcase of Playback Theatre, an improvisational theatre form in which the audience members tell their stories and watch the cast enact them on the spot.
Location: Soul Food@20 Lengkok Bahru #01-10
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4:30 pm: Youth Service

Location: 130 Margaret Dr, Singapore 149300
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Events on May 26, 2019

12:00 am: Camp Wycliffe 2019

Details Description: - Camp Wycliffe 2019 is a 5-day missions exposure camp.
Some highlights:

Learn about cross-cultural missions
Spend two-nights in a local Thai village
Make friends from all over the world

Date: 26 May to 1 June 2019
Venue: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Camp fees: $630 ($580 early bird rates before 11 March 2019)
Registration closes on 8 April. Only 10 vacancies available.

For more information and registration, visit
Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
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8:30 am: English Service : Pastor Daniel Teu speaking

Location: 130 Margaret Dr, Singapore 149300
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10:45 am: English Service : Pastor Daniel Teu speaking

Location: 130 Margaret Dr, Singapore 149300
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Events on May 29, 2019

3:00 pm: Cafe Oasis Decoupage Class

Come and learn how decorate your own Tote Bag! Decoupage is the technique of decorating something with cut out material on a fabric which varnish is then applied! After the class please stay and have a drink and food at Cafe Oasis
Location: Atrium
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