Christian Education


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Baptism & Membership and Confirmation Courses (BCC & MCC)

Baptism & Confirmation Course (BCC) serves to prepare pre-believers for baptism and COOS membership. The BBC also aims to help new members understand the ministry culture of COOS.
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Membership & Confirmation Course (MCC) is for all Transferees from other churches and Honorary Members of COOS who are attending our services, as well as serving in our ministries on a regular basis.
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Diocesan Certificate of Biblical Studies

This Biblical Studies Programme enables participants to systematically study, book by book, all 66 books of the Bible.

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Deeper Life Courses 2020

Here are courses that Christian Education department is offering in 2020:

1)      The Atonement: How the Cross of Christ Saves [February/March 2020]
2)      The Book of Ruth: A Journey of Faith by Sook Cheng [April 2020]
3)      An Overview of the New Testament [June/July] 
4)      *An Overview of the Old Testament [August]
5)      *The Book of Romans: The Gospel According to Paul by Andrew Leong [October]


  • Registration opens in January 2020 for the first three courses and *registration for the remaining courses opens in May 2020
  • Deadline: two weeks before course commencement or earlier if the cap is reached
  • Should you be interested, please register at our Admin desk during the weekend services

Download Course Synopsis here.
Latest update: 9 January 2020