Evergreen Fellowship

The Evergreen Fellowship is made up of a community of seniors coming together, growing gracefully, sharing and contributing experiences and skills to support one another in our walk with God.

Our mission:COOS Evergreen Fellowship

  1. To provide a platform for seniors to share, support and serve fellow seniors and church at large 
  2. To journey and grow together in all Godly wisdom and spiritual understanding
  3. To promote social interaction through shared activities and interests

Due to the current Covit-19 pandemic situation, Evergreen Fellowship now meets via zoom meetings.

Weekly Meetings
1. Weekly small group discussion on Steps to Life

2. Men’s 10,000 steps weekly challenge

Monthly Meetings
1. EF Monthly Zoom meeting:
1st Thursday of the month. Time: 2.30pm to 4pm

2. EF Prayer Meeting (Those in the prayer team):
2nd Thursday of the month. Time: 2.30pm to 4pm

3. EF Group Leaders Meeting (Group leaders only):
3rd Thursday of the month. Time: 2.30pm to 4pm

4. EF Straight Talk to Men (Men only):
4th Thursday of the month. Time: 2.30pm to 4pm

Those interested to join the fellowship, please email to Jessie Tong @ ef@coos.org.sg

Be encouraged by these testimonies from our community of seniors:

Chua Beng Liang

I am Beng Liang, a retiree since 2009. I decided to join EF in Sept 2018 after attending a talk on “The Benefits of Making a Lasting Power of Attorney” organized by EF, 

Before attending the 1st meeting, I thought it was just a gathering of members to socialise & listen to talks. But I was impressed during the 1st meeting by the fruitful activities for the seniors organized by a caring & devoted leadership team. These include bi-weekly meetings where we exercise, share testimony, talks, bible study and fellowship during refreshment time, volunteering works at St Andrew’s Nursing Home and the occasional overseas trips for leisure and fellowship. Since my retirement in 2009, joining EF is my most meaningful activity.

Elsie Chua

I came to COOS in 2010. All this while I only attended a family home cell on Friday night & Sunday Service. I felt I do not really know anyone other than my cell members in church. 

In 2016, I came upon the Evergreen Fellowship publicity on the 1-Day Makan & Shopping Trip to JB and I decided to join the trip. That’s when I met my best friend Lily Tan. At the end of the 1-day trip I felt I found a friend whom I can share and talk about everything and anything. Our friendship grew and over time, my 90 years old mother also became Lily’s best friend. Thanks to EF, I felt I am now part of a larger family, no longer do I feel a stranger in COOS.

We also volunteered as a befriender of St Andrew’s nursing home. This opens up an opportunity for Lily & I to serve, bringing love, care, hope, joy & peace to the residents through the various activities conducted by Evergreen Fellowship during our bi-monthly visits. We were blessed and encouraged, just by seeing the smiles of the residents’ faces as they participate in the activities. 

Lim Eng Sin

It was good to bring joy to the residents of the Saint Andrew Nursing Home, especially to those who seldom have visitors. Celebrating the various special holidays would give the residents a sense of time, with a change of their daily routine. I think the residents really look forward to our visits.

Bernard Tan

When I first step foot and met the residents in St. Andrew’s Nursing Home, I felt a heavy burden about what I could contribute to make their stay better and happier.  I knew it was not an easy task but if we were doing His work, we have to surrender our fear and desires to his will.  After a few visits, I witnessed the residents' eagerness to do the exercises, enjoyed singing and playing the games. The initial fears evaporated and it was replaced by a hope arising that the residents felt their stay have improved for the glory of Christ. Now whenever I am at the nursing home, it becomes a place of hope and not despair.

Benny Ong

I am not a member of Evergreen Fellowship but rather an invited speaker for financial talks. I have also joined Evergreen Fellowship occasionally on their short overseas trips with my wife Ann. This is my personal observation, there is a spirit of camaraderie in the fellowship. It is not just holiday trips but opportunity for ministry and avenues of learning through the periodical talks and seminars organized by the ministry.

Eric Yeo

Eng Sin and I befriended a 92 yrs old resident, Mr Lau. Both of us visit him quite regularly on a weekly basis.

On each visit, we would buy food for him and to try to build rapport with him and cheer him up. Is a joy to see him relishing the food we bring. Our relationship deepens over time. Now he waits for us expectantly.

These visits have brought much joy and encouragement to Mr Lau as well as Eng Sin and myself. Besides being able to take my mind off work for an hour or so weekly, it's meaningful and fulfilling to commit a bit of my time to help others less fortunate than me. Befriending Mr Lau helps me to count my blessings. I'm able to see that I have been greatly blessed by God and I thank God for His grace upon me.