Family Life

The Family Life Ministry forms part of the InterGenerational Division under the oversight of Pastor Kah Lai.

Vision Statement 

To build & replicate Christ-centred families by touching hearts and touching lives, to make a difference and impact thFamilyLifeLogoe community.

These are the sub-ministries under Family Life :




PMC equips couples before their marriage with a realistic perception of marriage as they walk through the course with the PMC facilitator/mentor. It also provides a platform for couples to highlight to the PMC facilitator/mentor potential issues which may arise in their marriage and thereby seek appropriate advice to cope with the issues should they be faced with the problem. PMC therefore strives to serve as a prelude to an enriching, fulfilling and growing marriage. 

Why PMC?
PMC equips couples before their marriage with a realistic perception of marriage as they walk through the course with the PMC facilitator/mentor. It also provides a platform for couples to highlight to the PMC facilitator/mentor potential issues which may arise in their marriage and thereby seek appropriate advice to cope with the issues should they be faced with the problem. 

PMC therefore strives to serve as a prelude to an enriching, fulfilling and growing marriage. 

The Course
Conducted in small groups of not more than 10 couples per group, PMC spans 6/7, 3-hour sessions. During the course, each couple will meet up with the PMC facilitator, an Inner Healing and Deliverance minister for at least 1 session each before their final interview with the Family Life Pastor.

Topics covered during the PMC are as follows:
Foundations of Christian Marriage
Prepare/Enrich Assessment 
Roles, Responsibilities and Decision Making
Communications and Conflict
Managing Finances
Sex in Marriage
Spiritual Life and In-Laws

Couples who would like to be married by COOS are advised to commence on their wedding arrangements only after they receive the letter informing them that they have successfully completed their PMC. 

Starting from 2015, COOS members who have completed their PMC with us will be paired up with a marriage mentor couple from the Family Life Ministry to walk them through the first year of their marriage.

Where to sign up?
Each couple who intends to marry, is required to submit PMC application here.



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Transforming Marriages

Transforming Marriages is a marriage course based on life-giving biblical principles that make a marriage last. The course is for all married couples to learn what it takes to build strong foundations for an enjoyable, impactful and purposeful marriage which is vital for strong families.

The Course

Course duration: 
10 sessions comprising 9 consecutive weekly sessions and a graduation party session (on Saturdays or Sundays)

Facilitator’s home

Saturday or Sundays 4.00 -6.30pm 

Topics Covered:
Session 1 Building Strong Foundations
Session 2 Relationship & Trust
Session 3 Roles of Husband and Wife
Session 4 The Power of Influence
Session 5 Handling Hurts & Disappointments
Session 6 Conflict Resolution & Unity
Session 7 Intimacy & Sex
Session 8 Breaking Curses in the Family
Session 9 God’s Calling for Couples

Conditions of attendance: 

  1. The course is to be attended by both husband and wife.
  2. Attendance is compulsory for all 9 + 1 sessions unless last minute commitments or urgent needs situations arise. 
    * In such cases, Assistant Leaders will meet with the absent couple to make up for the missed class.
    * Please note that this is to be used sparingly as time is precious and tight for everyone.
  3. A fee of $150 per couple is charged for couples who are COOS members and $180 per couple for couples who are non-COOS members
  4. No baby-sitting arrangements are provided as sessions are run strictly without children around
  5. If for any reason a couple drops out halfway during the course, we will not get any replacement couple as we want to protect the privacy of the group members’ sharing when the sessions continue. Therefore it is important that couples commit to the entire duration of the course.


Effective Parenting Workshop
Parents who want to see their children grow up in the ways of God should understand the importance of training the child’s heart and not just their outward behaviour. Early parenting is a primary consideration where parents can help a child gain personal self-control, learn how to handle negative emotions and making sound judgements.

The Course
This course is based on Gary and Marie Ezzo’s teaching on “Growing Kids God’s Way”.  It is designed to take parents through the process of building a loving family unit by raising morally responsible children.  It offers practical steps to implement God’s moral precepts into the lives of your children.

Topics covered include:

  • Right beginning - role of husband and wife
  • Touch points of love - communicating with our children
  • Father Mandate - safe environment
  • Your Child's conscience
  • Raising a moral child - knowing the rights and wrongs
  • Respect for Authority and Parents
  • Respect for Age/Peers/Property/Nature
  • Principles of Obedience
  • Discipline with Encouragement
  • Discipline with Corrections
  • Consequences and Punishment
  • Discipline issues / Appeal Process

Men@COOS & Fathers' Group

Many Christian men are robbed of their spiritual intimacy with God and often lead defeated and unbalanced lives.  There is a need for men to find that right balance (personal, family, workplace & community, and ministry) in life.

Mission Statement
We desire to lead men into an intimacy with God, the Father, and empower men to fulfill their God-ordained roles in the family, workplace and community and their service to Christ.

Our Goals
We seek:

  • to lead men into a relationship and intimacy with God, the Father
  • to lead men in the strengthening their marriages and families
  • to mobilize men to rise up to serve God
  • to help men become witnesses for Christ in their workplaces and other spheres of their influence

Our Initiatives
We have interest groups and social activities to foster fellowship amongst men so that specific needs can be ministered to and relationships built.  Through family life events, seminars, talks and small discussion groups, we can equip and minister to the men in our fellowship.  

We want to make disciples of men and to develop leaders

Get Involved
If you share our cause in restoring a man’s life to its original purpose, you can get involved by:

  • Praying for the men in our committee and our church
  • Facilitating small group discussions
  • Participate in Men@COOS activities to build rapport and relationships
  • Minister to those in need

We’d love to have you with us.  Call or email us today!


The Family Life's Counselling aims to to work with individuals, couples and families on a brief intervention based on biblical principles that honors our Lord Jesus and enable them to enjoy their marital / familial relationships as God intended. It is based on this verse from 2 Corinthians 5:18

'Now all things are of God, who has reconciled us to Himself through Jesus Christ, and has given us the ministry of reconciliation.'

It is based on these principles :

  1. The Holy Spirit as Counselor, Comforter
  2. The bible is the basic guide for dealing with problems in living
  3. Prayer is integral
  4. The ultimate goal of counseling is to make disciples or to disciple
  5. Personal qualities of lay counselors are important
  6. Client’s atitudes, motivations and desire for help are crucial to helpfulness
  7. The relationship between counselor and counselee   is important (Eph 4:15)
  8. Effective counseling is a process with phases: exploration, understanding, action
  9. Nouthetic counseling is an essential part of Christian counseling
  10. The model remains flexible with regard to specific techniques or methods at different phases
  11. All relationships exist in a community and the understanding of this interconnectedness within and without the church is important
  12. Lay Christian counselors must be aware of their limited knowledge and skill in helping people with need and problems

Our Counsellors cater to the  following Counsellees:

  1. Individuals
    • Unmarried
    • Married
    • Children
  1. Married Couples
    • Together
    • Separately as the case necessitates during therapy
  1. Families
    • Child alone
    • Parents with child/children

For an appointment, please call 6885 0700 or email

Soaring Eagles

We reach out to the children in the neighbouring estates and provide them with an environment where they can freely express themselves and learn to get-along with one another. We are currently conducting our activities at Redhill Close and Mei Ling Street.

Most of the children comes from single-parent families, many of which lack moral and character grounding. Hence, the role of this ministry is to bring God’s love and blessing into their homes and their lives.

The SEC is held every afternoon and conducted by different groups of committed brothers and sisters-in-Christ from various Cell Groups and Ministries. Some of the activities include games, art & crafts, social behavioural and wellbeing programme, to help build up their low self-esteem and boost confidence.

Matthew 19:14—Jesus said,” Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Jesus is drawing little children to our Father, how about you?

Join us for a fulfilling ministry, if you have any of the following criteria:

  • Love and enjoy working with children
  • Have a heart and compassion for children
  • Commit to serve once or twice a month (on Saturdays)
  • Committed to serve a minimum of one year

Tuition For HeartLanders

Our objective is to provide support in academic studies and cultivate lifelong learning in children from families in need located in our neighbouring estates.

The programme runs every Saturday at a nearby neighbourhood school. We are open to students from Kindergarten to Secondary levels that has no means for academic support. Our current pool of students are from Redhill Close, Henderson Road, Mei Ling Street, Stirling Road and Commonwealth Crescent estates.

Our group of tutors are passionate and committed individuals in Christ who devote their Saturday afternoons to coach the students.

We aim to plant the seeds of God’s love and impart the importance of education in the hearts and minds of these young ones.

Join us as a tutor if you meet the following requirements:

  • Enjoy working with children
  • Familiar with Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary syllabus
  • Have a heart to make a difference in the lives of young ones
  • Able to commit a minimum of one year



Saturday | 2.30pm
Sunday | 8.30am and 10.45am
Email to join us online
130 Margaret Drive Singapore 149300
It is a 10-minute walk from the Queenstown MRT Station.The bus-stops nearest to the church are served by
SBS Bus 51, 111, 145, 186, 195 and 32 and TIBS Bus 970.

The office is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays, 9am to 5.30pm.

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