Inner Healing and Deliverance

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Inner Healing
Inner Healing is the healing of the inner person. This includes healing of the mind from painful memories, and healing of the emotions and spirit wounded by unhealthy relationships. 

We come alongside individuals and help them through the process of praying and asking Jesus Christ to heal them from resentment, rejection, low self-image, deep hurts, guilt, anger, bitterness, self-condemnation, depression, suicidal tendencies, unforgiveness and painful memories. Through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, the roots that cause such damages are destroyed.

We minister to those who are under spiritual and emotional bondages through Deliverance in order that they may receive freedom in Christ so that they can grow spiritually, emotionally and socially.

The Healing and Deliverance ministry also aims to prepare and equip Christians in our church as well as the churches in Singapore and beyond for spiritual warfare and to carry out the ministry of deliverance.

Do you need emotional healing? Consider these questions. 

fears ?
Still affected by recurring memory of past hurt/trauma ? Difficulty to forgive ? Low confidence & Self-esteem ? Negative . Suicidal voices in the head ?
Unable to overcome addiction eg. pornography, gaming ? Frequent outburst of anger, violence / emotional overreaction ? Frequent panic attacks, depression or despair ? Sickness with unexplained & untreatable medical condition ? Difficulty reading the bible, praying or worship ?

The above questions help to identify things in our lives that may be a result of past wounds or hurts that may need to be addressed.