We are a staff and volunteer group of audio techies, videographers, projectionists, graphic designers, web designers, writers, and photographers. And we serve God through the technical arts and communications gifting He has anointed us with.

This ministry serves the church by:

  • Providing audio, video and visual support for all church services and meetings. The technical needs of the church and her respective ministries are met through a dedicated staff team and committed church volunteers. We ensure that every service and meeting is technically and efficiently carried through from the sound reinforcement for speakers and worship teams to effective delivery of A/V announcements.
  • Managing the church website and its content, working closely with all ministries.
  • The  conceptualization, design and production of most ministry and corporate print materials and collaterals, serving the varying communications needs of the church.
  • Recording, capturing and documenting the works of God in and beyond the walls of the church.
  • Coming up with ideas and approaches to support the work of evangelization and discipleship through various media channels.

Above all this, we exist to be powerfully prophetic, skillfully creative and spiritually significant so as to impact our spheres of influence for God’s glory.