UrbanKidz is now known as COOSkidz

‘UrbanKidz’ was first introduced in 2003 when Pastor Bee Ling became both the children and youth pastor. In order to aligne with the Youth Ministry then known as UrbanRace, we adopted the name UrbanKidz. After many years of deliberation and prayers, we decided to change our ministry name in 2018 to COOSkidz.

To be Kingdom Kids walking in God’s glory, making the supernatural natural.

Mission Statements

  • To be a vibrant church of children reaching out to our nation and the nations.
  • To make walking in power a normal basis of daily Christian living.
  • To develop a revival and transformation culture – bringing the supernatural into the natural events of life.
  • To walk fully in the mandate and gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • To be fully mobilized to fulfill the Great Commission.

At COOSkidz Ministry, we want to connect every child to Papa God. Children (from babies to 12-year olds) form an integral part of our community.

Every child has a destiny.

We believe that it is our mandate to train and disciple every child to fulfil his or her God-given destiny. Our team works in partnership with parents to bring each child into a dynamic and personal relationship with Papa God.

Children will be trained to walk in the supernatural, learning that walking in power and serving in love is a thrill to Papa God‘s heart. They will be history-makers and world-changers as they learn from a young age to touch and pray for their community and the nations.

Each week we provide an age-appropriate, fun and dynamic learning environment. The COOSkidz celebration services run concurrently with our adult English worship services. On every first week of the month, our children celebrate Holy Communion together with their family at the adult English services.

SUNSHINEkidz Programme for children with special needs

COOSkidz has a Saturday programme (SUNSHINEkidz) for children with special needs. Our ministry staff together with volunteers have been looking into how we can better support families of children with special needs.

SUNSHINEkidz programme are available on Saturday, 2.30pm and Sunday, 10.30am services. 

SUNSHINEkidz Program during Communion Weekend

Starting in February 2018, SUNSHINEkidz program will be available during Holy Communion weekends. The programme is meant for any child or youth with special needs, who attend our services. In addition, children/youths with special needs who are baptized but have difficulties in receiving Holy Communion at the auditorium can receive Communion at room 302 during the programme.

We look forward to welcome you.

For assistance, please approach the Admin desk located in the foyer of the church building.

The Girls’ Brigade

The Girls’ Brigade is one of the oldest Christian uniformed youth organizations for girls in the world. It is an international fellowship of some 125,000 girls represented in over 65 countries. The Brigade is inter-denominational and works in partnership with different churches. It also provides an exciting programme of activities and leadership development for girls between the ages of 8 and 18.

The Girls’ Brigade, Singapore (GBS) began in 1927 and is recognised by the Ministry of Education (MOE) as a Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) in primary and secondary schools.

GB Companies under our sponsorship:

  • 43rd Coy GB, Henry Park Primary School (HPPS)
Sponsorship since 1998
  • 20th Coy GB, Raffles Girls’ Primary School (RGPS)
Sponsorship since 2008