When Death Occurs

The emotions that come with the demise of a loved one can be overwhelming. As a church, COOS empathises with you at this difficult time. The following serves as a guide to provide advice and assistance to the family on what to do when a death occurs.

1. What to do when death occurs at home

a) Do not move the deceased.

b) Obtain the deceased’s identity card and contact the family doctor, if any, to issue a Temporary Death Certificate (TDC). Meanwhile, gather any medical record of the deceased for any possible enquiry.

c) Where the family doctor is not available, inform the nearest police station/post. The police will contact the Inspector of Death from the Singapore General Hospital (during office hours) who will issue a TDC. After office hours, the case will be referred to the mortuary. The Police will send an inspector who will issue a TDC. Prior to your arrival at the police station, the next of kin of the deceased must decide whether the deceased is to be buried or cremated.

d) Please note that the TDC issued by the family doctor, or Inspector of Death, or a private hospital, must be changed to the official government Death Certificate at the Registry of Death OR at certain police stations, and obtain a Burial/Cremation Permit issued by them. The casket company will also do this if requested. At the police station/post, you should have the next of kin of the deceased with you, the deceased’s identity card, and the TDC.

2. What to do when death occurs outside a home

When death occurs in a government hospital, the Registrar of the hospital will issue the official government Death Certificate and the Burial/Cremation Permit.

3. What is the next thing to do

a) Discuss with the family of the deceased:

i) Where the casket is to be placed.

ii) Where the wake is to be held and for how long

b) If wake is to be held at the void deck of the an HDB block, you need to apply for a permit to do so as well as a permit to install a mobile toilet. Application can be done at the HDB Town Council. Permission will include turning on of electricity and water and access to manhole for use of a mobile toilet.

c) Contact any of the following casket companies:

i) Trinity Casket Pte Ltd. – Tel: 6451 4496 / 6451 2497 (24 hours)

ii) Hosanna Bereavement Service – Tel: 6352 7797 (24 hours)

iii) Singapore Casket – Tel: 6293 4388 (24 hours)

iv) Casket Fairprice – Tel: 6455 9909(Eng) / 6293 9909(Chi) (24 hours)

v) Promisedland Casket – 9633 7654 (24 hours)

d) The following information must be given to the casket company:

i) Identify yourself, give name, address and telephone number of the family of the deceased.

ii) State the kind of funeral service required (burial or cremation) and where the wake is to be held and for how long.

iii) Where the body of the deceased is at present (eg. at home or the mortuary).

e) Do seek further advice and greater details (if needed) when the staff of the casket company arrives at the scene

If you need assistance from Church Of Our Saviour, call the office at 6885 0700 from Tuesdays to Saturdays (9.30am to 5.30pm). For assistance after office hours, please call 9643 3570.


Events on March 29, 2019

7:30 pm: No P& P in COOS this month.

Please be encouraged to attend the regional prayer meeting at St Andrew’s Cathedral , as a lead-up to Celebration of Hope in May.
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7:30 pm: Alpha Run Cycle 1

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8:00 am: Leathercraft Workshop

Details Description: - Leather craft is practice of transforming leather into craft items. Using appropriate tools and skills, one can produce small personalised leather items that can be a joy to keep and use for a long time.
This workshop is on very basic leather crafting skills and NOT suitable for people who already have some experience. You must be 13 years old and above to qualify due to the handling of sharp tools in the class. Limited capacity so sign up at the admin counter now.
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9:00 am: Baptism & Confirmation Course (Cycle 1)

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9:30 am: Creeds n Heresies (Session 4 of 4)

Creeds and Heresies: The Church Contending for the Faith. Registration: closed.
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2:30 pm: COOS Migrant Workers Ministry


We are in need of more laptops for our ongoing computer classes.
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To donate, please email enjir07@hotmail.com or contact Kathryn at 97319681 (hdp).
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2:30 pm: English Service [Girls' Brigade Enrolment] : Pastor Andrew Leong Speaking

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4:30 pm: Youth Service

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8:30 am: English Service : Ps Andrew Leong Speaking

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