In All Things, Give Thanks



My name is Seng Chai, and I am a volunteer overseeing the BOB (breakout and bless) outreach anchored by some young adult cells under Pastor Daniel Teu. We have been befriending and reaching out to residents residing in Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, Blk 115 for close to three years now.

Last week during one of our regular visitations to the block, we came across an elderly resident whom we have been reaching out to. Instead of being her usual chirpy self, this resident was looking ill and said that she felt extremely nauseous. We somehow felt the need to send her to the hospital for an examination and so we did in one of our volunteer’s car. Thank God for that as she was diagnosed to have suffered a minor heart attack and had to be admitted for treatment. She has since recuperated. Through this incident, this elderly resident’s children are now more open to us, and Praise God, this resident has also received the Lord.

I want to thank God for not only opening the hearts of the residents here, but also for the church members who have put in a lot of time and effort in serving the residents alongside me. We have indeed been blessed not only by the number of residents who have come to the Lord, but also by witnessing the healing of residents who were suffering from various aliments and illnesses.

While serving here, I really felt the verses from Matthew 25:31-46 come to life. It is indeed a privilege to care for the residents here. Most of them are elderly with no one to depend on, ex-convicts, widows and widowers. We also thank God for the many COOS members who have been serving in their own community outreaches through various cell groups and ministries. There is indeed a great harvest out there! All praises to God!

Testimony submitted by Lee Seng Chai on 19 June 2015


I have been suffering from gout for the last 20 years or so. The attacks occur two to three times a year and the pain is said to be equivalent to child bearing. On one of my worse attacks, I had to endure 3 days of agonizing pain in my foot, resting in bed.

Because of this, I was on medication. Although I must admit that I am not very disciplined in taking my medication and only take them when I experienced an attack.  For a typical gout attack, I would take anti-inflammation pills to ease the pain and reduce the swelling. My blood tests always come back indicating that my uric acid is higher than normal. I tried to control my diet, but with my love for food, my wife always says that I am just subjecting myself to the risk of getting another attack!

About a year and a half ago, during one of the COOS Saturday services, there was a word of knowledge given for those suffering from joint pain on the foot to go forward for healing prayer. My sister urged me to go claim it and said that God wants to heal me so I went to receive prayer but I was not sure whether there was anything different with my condition.

Six months later (June 2014), I ran out of medication and decided to go to the polyclinic and to take a blood test. Two weeks later, when I saw the doctor for the blood test results, the doctor’s exact words were ‘What gout? Your uric acid is normal what, no need medication!’

Since then, for the past year, after making some adjustments to my diet and lifestyle (I have cut down on red meat intake, drink less wine, eat more fish and exercise as well as take oats for breakfast), I have had no attacks and no medication at all!

Recently, I went on the Internet and tried to find out whether gout is reversible but have not found any related articles. I thank God for His grace and healing. He is alive and is truly a living God. Amen!

Testimony submitted by Lu Yeow Chor on 17 June 2015


On 30 January this year, I bumped into Mr M, my younger son Timothy’s former school van driver. I was thrilled to learn that his daughter, JM, managed to get into the secondary school of her choice.

Last year, on 9 December 2014, I was prompted to pray for JM after I noticed that Whatsapp profile showed a picture of a windscreen pelted with raindrops with the words ‘Tears are words the heart can’t say’. I sensed her deep disappointment over her PSLE and secondary school posting results. Her T-score was 226 whereas the cut-off point for the secondary school that she wanted to go to was 245. For its feeder schools, it was 230. Although she submitted the forms for appeal, she was resigned to report to the school that was her 3rd choice. The outcome of the appeal would only be made known on the last day of the year.

Scripture from Romans 8:28 on the side of the school entrance.

Scripture from Romans 8:28 on the side of the school entrance.

After praying, I was prompted to visit the school of her choice. On the way, I asked the Lord to speak very clearly to me where He would want JM to go to – this Catholic-mission school or a heartland school? Mr M was a pre-believer and I had often testified to him how the Lord has helped me in my current family situation. On arrival at the school campus, I was greatly surprised to see the Scripture from Romans 8:28 printed on the side of the school entrance.

I was amused that the Scripture was in very big print as I had just asked the Lord to speak very clearly to me. Even then, I pondered over the Word, ‘…in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, …’ and asked the Lord how could Mr M love Him if he doesn’t even know Him. The Lord then chided me that that would be my responsibility to make Him known to Mr M. I walked along the school perimeter as I prayed and received an impression on how to share the Gospel with Mr M,a Chinese national, but was to wait till 12 December.

On 12 December, I sent him, via Whatsapp, a Chinese song, titled, 一件礼物, commonly sung in outreach events, and explained to him why I celebrate Christmas. I used English but for the key words like sin and salvation, I used Chinese. His daughter would usually translate for him. I was delighted to receive a reply from Mr M who stated that he had accepted the Gift and would share with others. His daughter also responded and claimed that she was often exposed to the things of God in school.

I want to give thanks to God for Mr M and JM’s response. As for the school that God wanted JM to go to, I left it in the hands of God and was overjoyed when I hear the good news from Mr M in January.

Testimony submitted by Loi Sok Yin on 3 June 2015

I want to give thanks to God for Mr Leong Ah Poy, one of the Chinatown residents, who received Christ during the altar call at “Yu Ya 尤雅” concert which was held over 4 & 5 April 2015. Since then, he has been faithfully attending COOS’ Dialect Service.

Mr Leong is an elderly and a few of us take turns every weekend to bring him to church, sit in with him during service, and send him home. Whilst working together as a team, we too, find ourselves growing deeper in Christ. Mr Leong also shared with us that his leg pain (due to gout) has been healed.

Thanks and Praise God for Mr Leong’s salvation and for healing him!

Testimony submitted by Julia Chin on 26 April 2015


I want to give thanks to God for the Family Inclusion Network (FIN), a network in our church, founded by parents and committed volunteers with a heart for families of persons with special needs and disabilities. My younger son, Timothy, has brain injury due to an accident that took place more than 12 years ago. He uses a wheelchair and is totally dependent. The sharing, bonding and support that we gave one another in this community have made my family feel that we are not alone but that there are others who are on this journey with us.

I also want to give thanks to God for the Leaders and members of a Youth Cell that take place at COOS Room 202 every Saturday at 3.30pm. My son, Timothy attends this Cell regularly. Although Timothy is not able to contribute during the cell meeting in any way, the Cell Leaders and members do not mind having him there. This provides a brief respite for me and allows me to attend the church service in the auditorium. I appreciate their understanding very much.

I am also very grateful that transport arrangement has been made by the church for Timothy and me to go to church every Saturday. As Timothy, who is now 19 years old, grows bigger, it has become increasingly difficult for me to carry him and the 15-kg wheelchair into a car or taxi. In October and November 2012, when my sister, who used to ferry us to and fro church, was not able to attend church on Saturdays, I decided that it was easier for me to walk and push Timothy on his wheelchair to COOS from our home in Ghim Moh and back, rather than going by taxi. However, praise God, with the availability of volunteers, who are willing to take time off from their personal schedules to drive the van, we started going to church by the COOS van. I want to give thanks to God for this group of volunteers for their kind service rendered to us.

Testimony submitted by Loi Sok Yin on 20 March 2015

I was waiting for my wife Serene to come out of the ladies toilet at AMK Hub Bus Interchange level, when I saw an uncle (maybe in his late 70’s) walking slowly with the aid of a walker. He pointed to me and spoke to me in Mandarin. He sounded somewhat upset, with his hands gesturing but I could not understand what he was saying. As he was walking off to a nearby seat, I thought to myself, maybe he was saying, “You hit me as I was walking”. I thought maybe as Serene and I entered the door from the outside, I accidentally bumped into him. Although, I didn’t recall bumping into anyone, I felt a bit bothered by it.

We were there at AMK Hub to collect my new spectacles. Serene came out of the toilet and we started walking towards the shop to collect my specs. As we were walking, I saw the same uncle now talking to another uncle. In my mind, I thought maybe he was complaining to the other uncle about the incident just now. I felt even more uncomfortable. So, I told Serene about it.

We reached the shop and collected my specs. As we came out, I told Serene that maybe we should talk to the uncle. I told Serene to ask him what happened earlier to him and find out if I’ve really bumped into him. If it was true, then I will apologize to him.

We saw the uncle. Serene spoke to him in Mandarin and asked what happened. She told him that I don’t understand Mandarin. The Uncle said his name is Mr Wong. He and his wife live alone in Woodlands. He said he has children who are well to do, but have not been looking after them. He said he came to AMK to buy a watch. But, the shop was closed. So, he is going home. He explained what happened earlier. He said the sliding doors at the entrance to AMK hub closed in on him before he could completely walk pass through. As a result, the doors hit part of his body. He complained about some pain below the back of his neck near the shoulders. So, I told Serene to ask him if we could pray for him for healing. He said something but agreed for us to pray for him. Serene prayed with him as I was standing next to them. I was quietly praying.

We were aware that we are in a public place with people walking by near us. Some even stared curiously as Serene prayed for the old uncle. After praying, the thought of boldly asking the Serene to ask the uncle to receive Jesus Christ came. So Serene asked the uncle. She shared a bit about Jesus to him. He said, “yes”. I told Serene to explain to him what it means to receive Jesus. So she explained it to him. She led him to say the sinner’s prayer and received Jesus right there inside the waiting area of AMK hub. Praise God! God is amazing! Uncle Wong asked Serene to write the prayer down for him, so he can read it again and understand it more. So, Serene wrote it and passed it to him. She reminded him to call on Jesus and pray to Him.

Wow, what a way to finish the day! An unexpected encounter with a total stranger and leading him to Christ! Praise God!!

Testimony submitted by Mike Darvin (Lentor Cell) on 5 March 2015


When my wife Kim and I were in Nagaland last November, we taught a 5-day class about the ministry of Jesus. In one of the sessions, I was

The elder whom I had prayed over is seen here practicing what he had learnt during one of our healing outreaches. God used him to heal several adults and children.

The elder whom I had prayed over is seen here practicing what he had learnt during one of our healing outreaches. God used him to heal several adults and children.

teaching on how to pray for the sick. This was in preparation for two healing outreaches, which we were planning. We planned to go out to a public place and put up a sign that said ‘Free Healing Prayers’, and pray for anyone who would come forward to receive prayers. The healing outreaches were also meant to be the practicums for what was taught during the 5-day class, to allow the participants to ‘learn by doing’. It was a good opportunity to share the goodness of God.

I taught the 5-step prayer model that I had learnt from Randy Clark’s School of Healing. Simply put (1) ask the person what the problem or sickness was (2) do some diagnostics – ask questions like how long have you had this, did anything happen in your life before it began? (3) Decide how to pray (4) Pray for effect (5) Check the result, (any improvement or healing), if not completely healed, pray again.

During the class, I wanted to demonstrate the 5 steps so I asked whether there was anyone in the class who was not well and an elder of a church put up his hand. I asked him to come forward and walked him through the 5 steps. He said his wrist was hurting from a motor accident he had several weeks ago. I prayed over him. After the first round of praying, he could still feel some pain. But after a second round of praying, his pain was completely gone! He could even do pushups on the spot. We thank God for His healing! This has also encouraged the rest of the class.

Testimony submitted by Robert Oh on 18 February 2015



In October last year, I prayed to God for provision for my family for the month of December as I would not have any job assignment in that month.

What happened in the next few weeks left me in awe of God’s goodness and faithfulness

1. On 13 October, I was prompted to contribute a sum of money to a soc
ial enterprise and I obeyed. A few days later, I received 10-fold of what I gave! The giver specified that it was for paying the university fees of my older son, Samuel. I thanked God for the provision.

2. Soon after, I found out from the mother of a student whom I used to teach in an enrichment class for children from low-income families that he has two holes in his heart. I was led to give her some money to tide her over for the month.

3. The following weekend, a church member approached me after service and reminded me that I had helped her twelve years ago. Since she is now better off with a stable job and her children have grown up, she would like to return me the money, which I have long forgotten.

4. The week after, I visited my student (the one with two holes in his heart) with a few members from the Homemakers’ Cell (COOS Room 201). I had to take leave from my job and in so doing, I lost my pay for that day. But praise God, a soul was won for the Lord that day when the mother invited Jesus to be her Saviour and Lord.

5. The day before I took leave, two colleagues (one a believer and the other a pre-believer) blessed me with some money and said it was for my younger son, Timothy.

6. That weekend, I also received a monetary blessing from a church member who specified that it was for Samuel’s future mission trips!

I thank God for providing for my family by prompting me to give first. There were times I struggled but He reminded me of Matthew 10:8 (…Freely you have received; freely give).

Testimony submitted by Loi Sok Yin on 1 February 2015


On Sunday 18 January 2015, I woke up with a red angry-looking stye. While my husband was driving us to church, I put some eyedrops on the eye as it looked bad.

During the altar call for prayers and healing, I did not go up but cupped my hand over my eye and prayed for healing, trusting and believing in His promises. Shortly after, my eye started to tear excessively. I didn’t have a mirror with me and so could not examine the state of my eye.

Once I got back into the car, I saw that the redness and swelling have subsided. I knew God has healed me because a single dose of eye drop (saline) will not be able to reduce the redness and swelling so fast. Thank you dear God for your love and healing.

Testimony submitted by Amy Choo on 21 January 2015


My younger son, Timothy, has brain injury due to a near-drowning incident 12 years ago. He has been totally dependent since then and attended Rainbow Centre until he graduated on 14 November 2014 when he turned 18. Prior to his graduation, on 18 August 2014, SG Enable, the agency which provides referral services, submitted my application form to a day activity centre (DAC). I requested my Homemaker Cell (COOS Room 201) and FIN members to support me in prayer as many DACs do not take in clients who are totally dependent.

On 2 Sep, Timothy was assessed and I was informed that my application was rejected on 19 September because Timothy is totally dependent. However, on 24 Oct, the DAC reversed its decision, allowing Timothy to attend it twice a week in the afternoon WEF 2015. I was further informed that the programme and transport fees for Timothy would be waived.

Timothy has started attending the DAC since 6 Jan 2015. This has enabled me to seek part-time employment again. I appreciate all those who have been praying for my family and I give thanks to God for this unexpected outcome.

Testimony submitted by Loi Sok Yin on 10 January 2015




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