COOS Business

COOS Business is started to encourage networking & collaborations among our church members. Have your business listed in our Business Directory. Email


1. COOS Business aims to promote and support businesses (of any size) of our members

2. The purpose is to provide natural support for members of our own community, being that their success is also ultimately our success.

3. Our support towards them is a strong encouragement for them to support the COOS community in return.

4. This also makes their faith community relevant to their marketplace, which ultimately gives the Christian community more leverage into the marketplace (breaking down the divide between their faith and their work.)

5. We hope to have a symbiotic relationship in which our members can find ways to make their marketplace ministry effective opportunities for our kingdom strategy.

Upcoming Events

COOS Business Networking Luncheon

Come for our inaugural COOS Business Networking Luncheon on Friday, October 18, 2019!

Get to know fellow business owners in COOS and be a part of building up a mutually supportive network of businesses in our church.

Registration starts at 3pm.Come and network with us!

Date : Fri Oct 18 2019
Time: 3pm to 5pm
Venue: Rm305