COOS Social

When we gather as a community, be it around the Atrium or the Auditorium, or at a Special Interest Group, a talk, workshop or event. We are ‘socialising’ to form connections and friendships. Places come alive when people gather. In COOS, we call it ‘COOS Social’.

Welcome to COOS SOCIAL. We have a calendar of events lined up in the Atrium, Auditorium, Special Interest Groups & Events. 

Atrium: Join us @The Atrium for hospitality services and a whole slew of activities. 

Auditorium: We feature the many talents amongst us during service times

Special Interest Groups [‘SIGs’]: Consisting of people with similar interests or hobbies, who have the desire to nurture their interests and introduce it to curious initiates. By identifying and bonding through common interests we hope to reveal the many delightful activities and talents that God has given us to enjoy. 

Events / Talks/ Workshops: Organised to educate, edify the body and perfect opportunities to invite friends to join us