Information Channel for COVID – 19

Information board – updated 23 Feb 2020, 12.30pm
Advisory in Chinese – HERE


1. Temperature Taking
Temperature taking will be conducted in the atrium prior to all services. All members and visitors will be ushered to the atrium to have their temperature taken before entering the church building. Lifts serving the basement car park will go to Level One only so that members and visitors may have their temperature taken. (There will be a separate lift serving levels one to five.)

At temperature taking stations, we will be unable to permit entry to those with (any one and/or a combination of) the following symptoms:
• fever
• runny nose,
• teary eyes,
• cough,
• shortness of breath

*If your temperature is 37.6°C and above, we will advise that you rest in the atrium for 10 minutes before re-taking your temperature. If your temperature remains at 37.6°C or higher after re-measurement, we will advise that you go home and/or seek medical attention.

2. Travel History & Health Declaration Form
For the purpose of contact tracing, all who are attending services are required to fill in a ‘Travel History & Health Declaration Form’. This form will require your full name, IC number, contact details and questions regarding your well-being, contact and travel history. The form is available in the atrium or may be obtained from our staff. Please have this form completed and handed to a staff member when you have your temperature taken.

 All information declared in this form must be accurate. Any false declarations may result in prosecution under the Infectious Diseases Act.

3. Recent Visitors to China to Refrain from attending Church Activities
In view of the nature of the viral transmission of COVID-2019, we request that those who have returned from China within the last 14 days must refrain from attending church services or meetings. (including cell group & ministry meetings, SIGs and other group activities).

4. Hand sanitizing
Hand sanitizers are available at the temperature-taking stations and in the foyers.

5. Exchange of greetings
Greetings should be exchanged with appropriate non-touch gestures. In consideration of each other’s well-being, we should avoid any form of physical contact. Also, wash your hands frequently with soap and water and avoid touching the face where possible.

6. Taking of offering
To maintain hygiene, the offering will not be collected by way of passing the offering bag. Instead, offering boxes will be prepared and placed in various sections in the main and upper auditorium. During the offering song, members may proceed to the offering box to deposit their offering. These boxes will then be collected by the ushers.

Alternatively, members may also give their offerings/tithes via electronic means using the PayNow QR code, available for scanning at the Admin Desk

7. Celebrating Holy Communion
Holy Communion will be celebrated using pre-packed wafers and wine served by pastors in various seat sections. Members will be ushered, section by section, to receive the communion elements (one pre-packed wafer and wine) and they are to return to their seats. After all the communicants have collected their pre-packed wafer and wine, the Celebrant will lead the congregation to partake the elements together in prayer.

8. Prayer
Instead of personal altar ministry at the end of or during services, the pastors will say a general prayer covering the congregation’s needs. Should you have a specific need that requires prayer, please email or call 6885 0700.

9. Stay updated with COOS on the COVID-19 Situation
To receive the latest updates from COOS on the current COVID-19 situation, please subscribe using this e-form:

10.  Live Streaming of Services 
We understand that these precautionary measures may inconvenience some of you but they are necessary for the well-being of our community. We will be streaming our services for those of you staying at home during this period so that you continue to be connected to the church family because you are still very much a part of our family.


1. Group activities
May proceed with the necessary precautionary measures in place.

They are:

  • Temperature taking
  •  Screening for fever and/or flu-like symptoms those exhibiting symptoms will be asked to go home and rest
  •  Attendance taking (For small groups, simple attendance taking with name and mobile number should suffice. However, groups may also opt to use the ‘Travel History & Health Declaration’ Form. If used, these forms should be retained by the group leader for at least 14 days. The printable PDF form is available HERE.

*For those who are already feeling unwell, please be socially responsible and stay away from all meetings. Attendance is not compulsory.

*Pray for those who are unwell and highlight them to your zone leaders so that the church may offer prayers for them.


2. For cells, ministries or other small group who choose not to gather at this time, you may explore the following ways of meeting

a. WhatsApp Video call
Group calling allows up to 4 participants to video call each other using WhatsApp.

b. Facebook Messenger Video Chat
Messenger allows you to see up to 6 people at a time, but up to 50 people can join a call.

c. Google Hangout
Google Hangout allows personal users to invite up to a maximum of 10 people into the same Hangout room; just share the URL of the Hangout via chat or email.

d. Skype
Group video chat makes it easy for up to 50 people to meet and collaborate all at once.

e. Zoom
Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing platform where you can host a meeting with up to 100 people in a session.



In line with the measures adopted by the Ministry of Education, health checks will be conducted across all COOSkidz classes.

 1.  Temperature Taking & Health Screening
All children will have their temperature checked, screened for physical symptoms and hands sanitised. Should your child be unwell, have a temperature of 37.6°C or above, and/or exhibiting any flu-like symptoms, they are to be brought home and seek medical attention immediately. 

*If a child develops a fever or any of the symptoms during COOSkidz programme, he/she will be brought immediately to the coordinator and we will bring the child to a holding room. Parents/guardians will be informed to pick up your child and seek medical attention. 

 *We seek the cooperation of parents to keep your children at home if they are exhibiting flu-like symptoms.

2. Decentralised Children’s Programme
In stepping up with our precautionary measures, we will gather the children in smaller groups instead of congregating them. Please refer to the email from COOSkidz or group listing that will be displayed around church. Do approach any staff if you need assistance.

3. Travel History & Health Declaration Form
Parents are to fill up the ‘Travel History & Health Declaration Form’ on behalf of their child / children at the atrium before sending them to COOSkidz.

4. Attendance Taking 
COOSkidz will continue to mark your child’s attendance when he/she comes to our programme.  Do remind your child to bring his/her COOSkidz ID card. For visitors, please register your child at the Welcome Kiosk at Level 1 Foyer.

5.Cleanliness & Hygiene
To ensure cleanliness & hygiene, the following measures will be taken :

  • Children will be seated on chairs in all the main rooms (302/308/305/217A) instead of the carpeted floors.
  • All rooms will be kept clean. Hand sanitizers will be made available in all Pre-School small group rooms and in all the main rooms (302/305/308/217A).
  • Snacks for Pre-Schoolers will be individually pre-packed into small containers. 

 6.Baby Room #101
Room #101 will only allow ONE adult to accompany each child at every service.

7.Updates on COOSkidz Programme
Look out for updates from COOSkidz in the form of SMS & emails on the current situation.



These precautionary measures will apply:

1. All gatherings will be cancelled i.e. – No Weekend Services, Prayers, Cells & Ministry Meetings

2. Services will be live streamed only and/or pre-recorded Sermons with worship segments and teaching

3. Online video conferencing platforms or channels will be used.

4. All third party events will be cancelled

5. A hotline will be set up to serve members who need pastoral support

6. Pastoral care for wakes and funeral services will continue


We apologise for the inconvenience caused. If there is anything we can do to serve you, please approach any of our pastors or staff and we will attend to you. Let’s continue to pray for one another as well as for those who are suffering and exercise social responsibility to help prevent the spreading of viruses. Thank you for staying vigilant and adopting good personal hygiene.


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