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Evergreen Fellowship has invited Benny Ong to speak on “Avoiding pitfalls of investments for post retirement planning”. He will also give guidelines on how to minimise risks and optimise returns to cope with the cost of living.

For Evergreen Fellowship Members
Date: 24 January 2019 (Thursday) | Time: 1.30PM-4.30PM
Venue: COOS Room 308 | Speaker: Mr Benny Ong | Cost: $5/pax

Speaker Bio: Benny Ong is a member of Church of Our Saviour and a founder of a company providing fee based financial advisory services. Benny has more than 40 years of experience in insurance, investment and estate planning. He has conducted seminars on investment for financial institutions, voluntary groups and churches and has lectured part-time on the subject of Personal Financial Planning at the Singapore Institute of Management for several years. He has also contributed articles to various journals including the Business Times, Straits Times and the SGX investment journal.

Talk Synopsis: Singapore is ranked 3rd in the world for life expectancy and our average mortality is approximately 85 yrs old. Benny will give guidelines on how to minimise risks and optimise our returns to cope with the cost of living for retirement planning.

For Befrienders of St Andrew’s Nursing Home
Date: 24 January 2019 (Thursday) | Time: 10AM-11.30AM
Venue: St Andrew’s Nursing Home (Queenstown) Multi-Purpose Hall

Those interested, please register at the Admin Desk.


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