I thank God for….

I have not been sleeping well since I started my chemo.  After completing both chemo and radiotherapy, I still cannot sleep every night.  So physically, I am very tired but continue to wake up in the morning to work from home. Sometimes, even when I try to rest early,  my mind is still active.  At 11 December healing service, there was a call for healing of people with sleeplessness. I know instantly God want to heal me and I desire to be healed. God can work even in the zoom service and He knows my struggles,  Ever since that night of being prayed for, I am now sleeping well and do not face issues of not being able to fall asleep anymore. To God be the glory and thank you Jesus for restoring my sleep. Now I can fully rest!

Cindy Hoe, Jalan Jelapang Cell

I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnoea after doing a sleep test about 3 years ago. After receiving prayer during the ministry time at Online Healing Service on 11 December, I could feel a sensation in my nasal cavity.  I believed by faith that God has healed my sleep apnea. I have been having good sleep every night ever since with no feeling of breathlessness and heart palpitations.  Praise the Lord!

Ma Chung Wai 

My family struggled financially throughout my teenage years and could not afford to send me to university. I consoled myself to say it is ok but deep down I was distressed. I couldn’t see a future and that was when I lost the will to live. My dad attempted suicide not long ago and problems keep falling on me like dominoes. I could not take it anymore and I started planning my suicide attempt. 

I was working part-time after completing my tertiary education. doing 5-6 days a week, mainly full day shifts to save up at least a $1000 every month. I told myself that I will work for one full year and after that I will kill myself. In desperation, i cried out to God for help and to my surprise, I suddenly felt this gush of warmth that filled the empty void in my heart. The warmth gave me strength, hope and courage to take the leap of faith and live another day. Somehow i felt different when i woke the next day. 

I enrolled for Alpha some months after I attend church. My group shared individual testimonies and I was able to talk about my family situation. I was really touched by my facilitators and group members who would pray for me and my family. Now i know that God has perfect timing for us. He is making things happen even though we don’t see it, He is a living God!

Esther Ray, Participant in Alpha Feb-Apr 2020

On 20 October, my haemoglobin was super low at 7.5 reading, close to blood transfusion. My team prayed for me and at the Healing Service, I also asked for prayers. On 16 December, I went to receive my Health Screening report and was overjoyed that my haemoglobin shot up to 12.9 for the 1st time since I was anaemic for quite a few years’ now. All praise and glory to Him!

Pauline Song, Holland Cell


With the current pandemic situation, many of us would not expect someone to knock on our doors to bring joy and hope to us. But Christmas is different because ‘with CHRIST in the vessel we can smile at the storm.’

We want to thanks 61 faithful church members and 7 kids who came along on the 12 December and spent the whole Saturday evening with our Henderson’s community. They blessed 132 households with gifts, shared the gospel with 27 families, and prayed over 43 residents. We witness people reconciled to God and with one another – especially in their marriages, families, and broken relationships.

We also witnessed Mr. Guan, a stroke patient accepting Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour.

What a beautiful way to celebrate Christmas!

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